American Credit®:$3000,000 Real Estate Funding for an Investor

American Credit®:$300,00 Real Estate Funding for an Investor

American Credit®:$3000,000 Real Estate Funding for an Investor

American Credit helped an Arizona-based real estate investor secure cash out with our  unique mortgage financing program.

Challenges:  Due to credit score and income challenges, the client was not able to secure conventional mortgage financing. He needed cash out to make repairs to existing  properties with a  cash cushion due to the uncertain economic climate.

Solution: American Credit  was impressed with the client's deep real estate experience of across multiple economic climates. We believed in him and understood his vision.

We were able to approve the client with our "DSCR Mortgage " finance program. DSCR loans are based on the property’s cash flow, rather than the borrower’s personal credit score or income.

The loan is designed to cover the debt service payments required for the property, as well as other expenses associated with owning and operating the property.

Result: $ 300,000 cash out refinance on an investment property

American Credit's ® Value Added:

Deep experience as a leading ABL multi-lender with a dual lending platform: in-house portfolio with off balance sheet partnerships along. A licensed mortgage lender with a proven ability to secure fundings for many types of difficult real estate deals.

Expertise at funding  complicated  real estate deals , traditional lenders will not fund.

Seeing the world through the eyes of our clients. Every client is different with a unique set of needs. We avoid the one-sized fits all approach.

Proprietary AI/ technology with deep industry relationships across the globe.

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