American Credit®:$500,000 Funding for Leading Florida Law Firm

American Credit :$500,000 Funding for Leading Florida Law Firm

American Credit®:$500,000 Funding for Leading Florida Law Firm

Anatomy of a Successful Funding

A top Florida-based law firm was in the midst of a major expansion and needed capital.

American Credit ® partnered with our client to transition away from  traditional bank financing to a more strategic longer-term option. It  would  provide more capital with exceptional pricing.

Challenges:  Due to high leverage and  low debt-service cover ratio, traditional conventional financing was not viable. In addition, we advised the client to avoid any expensive short-term financing options.

Although these advance type loans would enable the client to secure the needed capital, it would be to the detriment of their bigger strategic picture.

Solution: The client and his CFO agreed they wanted to explore long term , well-priced capital solutions. After reviewing their financials and expansion plan that included equipment, we focused on SBA 7a loans.

SBA 7a loan approval would be more lenient with their debt ratio, eliminate some leverage, and provide the additional  growth capital needed for 2024.

Result:  $ 500,000 SBA 7a loan approval that allowed the client to start 2024 the right way and implement their new strategic vision.

American Crédit's® Value Added:  

Deep experience as a leading ABL multi-lender with a dual lending platform: in-house portfolio with off balance sheet partnerships along .

Our new SBA division has a full suite of SBA loans to empower small business growth across our great country. SBA  loans compliment our asset-based lending expertise.

Expertise at pre -underwriting SBA loans with a full SBA lender ecosystem . SBA loans are a special expertise. Most people think SBA is a one-size fits all approval. It is not.

Each SBA lenders has their own lending footprint and underwriting guidelines. You can be denied at one SBA lender and approved by another-as was the case with this client.

You must underwrite each SBA loan to the preferred partners lending footprint/guidelines, risk profile,  and vertical exposure.

Having multiple SBA lender partners provides a competitive advantage of not just having one lender in our portfolio. It allows us approval agility and tactical versatility, so we never end up back at square one.

Understanding the world from our client’s perspective. We partner with our clients. Even when the first SBA approval did not go the client’s way, they understood our multi-lender ecosystem .

We were still able to fund on time without having to go through an additional 6 weeks with another SBA lender

Proprietary AI/ technology with deep industry relationships across the globe. SBA lender ecosystem and over 90 years combined finance expertise

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