American Credit® 2nd Mortgage Loans

Want to unlock equity in your commercial properties? American Credit's 2nd mortgage program offers flexible funding solutions for small businesses, addressing financial challenges and enabling growth with competitive rates and a streamlined process, even for those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

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Pain Points

Pain Point Limited Access to Additional Capital | Amcredit

Limited Access to Additional Capital

  • • Audience: SMBs with existing mortgages
  • • Advantage: Flexible financing, original mortgage intact
  • • Outcome: Fund growth, manage cash flow

Pain Point Lack of indstry-specific Financing | Amcredit

Lack of Industry-Specific Financing

  • • Audience: Diverse businesses, specialized needs
  • • Advantage: Expertise in asset-based financing
  • • Outcome: Industry-aligned funding solutions

Pain Point Slow Approval and financing | Amcredit

Slow Approval and Funding

  • • Audience: Time-sensitive business owners
  • • Advantage: 48-hour decisions
  • • Outcome: Seize immediate opportunities

Pain Point Over-reliance on FICO | Amcredit

Over-Reliance on FICO Scores

  • • Audience: Strong businesses, imperfect credit
  • • Advantage: Comprehensive assessment
  • • Outcome: Increased funding accessibility

American Credit 2nd Mortgage Loan Advantages

Amcredit 2nd mortgage loan Comprehensive Enterprise Assessment
Comprehensive Enterprise Assessment

• Challenge: Narrow financial evaluation
• AmCredit approach: 360° business analysis
• Target: Robust operations, diverse credit profiles
• Edge: Proprietary scoring model
• Result: Broader funding accessibility

Amcredit 2nd mortgage loan Swift Capital Deployment
Swift Capital Deployment

• Challenge: Lengthy approval cycles
• AmCredit approach: 48-hour verdict
• Target: Opportunity-driven enterprises
• Edge: Cutting-edge AI underwriting
• Result: Capitalize on time-sensitive prospects

Amcredit 2nd mortgage loan Sector Specific Financiang Solutions
Sector-Specific Financing Solutions

• Challenge: One-size-fits-all lending
• AmCredit approach: Customized packages
• Target: Niche industries (e.g., AgTech, Non-profits)
• Edge: Deep vertical expertise
• Result: Precision-matched capital structures

Amcredit 2nd mortgage loan Adaptive Transparent Arrangements
Adaptable, Transparent Arrangements

• Challenge: Opaque terms, inflexible structures
• AmCredit approach: Crystal-clear costs, adjustable plans
• Target: Growth-focused SMEs
• Edge: Multi-lender platform
• Result: Tailored financial strategies

How 2nd mortgage loans work




Property Valuation




Loan Approval


Closing and Funding


  • Property Details and appraisal
  • Equity and debt information
  • Income and cash flow
  • Credit profile
  • Financial status

Document Requirements

  • Property tax and mortgage statement
  • Appraisal report
  • Recent Bank statement
  • Tax returns
  • Financial statement
  • Company or personal credit report

2nd mortgage loan uses:

  • - Emergency fund/major purchases
  • - Debt consolidation
  • - Equipment purchase
  • - Business Investment
  • - Facility improvement/upgrade
  • - Working capital/Inventory
  • - Business expansion
  • - Tax debt payment
  • - Buying out partner
  • - Legal fees

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