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We love what you do. You’ll love how we help

We know you want to stay focused on your business instead of burdensome applications or worrying about hidden costs. So we do the heavy lifting and bring the fast business loan to you.

American Credit Business Loans Great Score

Credit scores

Less than perfect is OK since we look at your entire business picture—which gives us a better gauge of your success and expands our ability to offer you a loan.

American Credit Business Loans Convenience


This truly is business financing for the 21st Century. Our fusion of technology and financial expertise translates into ease for you - just apply online or via your smartphone using our Apps. Or just give us a call.

American Credit Business Loans Fast Funding

Fast funding

Many business lenders offer fast funding but with very high fees. We lend quickly and at much lower rates with asset/equipment or invoices as collateral.

American Credit Business Loans Personal Service

Personal service

A personal assistant is available throughout the financing process. Application, asset/invoice verification, to save you time and help with questions.

Use your funds as you choose

Whether you’re purchasing new/pre-owned equipment, investing in seasonal inventory, looking to cover payroll, smoothing cash flow, hiring staff or doing other things to grow your business and profits, we’re ready to help.

American Credit Use Your Fund as You Choose A

American Credit Use Your Fund as You Choose B

American Credit Use Your Fund as You Choose C

American Credit Use Your Fund as You Choose D

Choose the loan that’s right for you.

Flexibility and control are key to success in any business. And American Credit business financing is designed to give you both. You enjoy:

American Credit Business Loans Flexible Loan Terms

Flexible loan terms

The Asset-based Equipment loans range from $20,000 to $5M and up to 72 months. The Invoice Financing is up to $2.5M, and is an ideal short-term (30-60 days) solution.

American Credit Business Loans No Hidden Cost

No hidden costs

Zero smoke and mirrors. Fees are clearly specified, rates are fixed and no costs are concealed. What you see is what you get.

American Credit Business Loans Easy Management

Easy management

From accessing funds to making payments and getting support, every option is yours: Visit our site, call for assistance or use our Apps.
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Why American Credit Customer Voice Quote

We need capital now to expand capacity. But the banks won't loan.

Grace Bentley
Owner, Redwood Holiday Rentals

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