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Unique opportunities from an underserved market

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High tech may steal the headlines

But a recent government report shows small businesses are the single largest drivers of revenue and job growth in California1. Yet the state’s small businesses have poor access to the funds they need to grow, with banks unwilling to loan and other lenders charging unaffordable fees—challenges to which American Credit now offers a solution.

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Invest in powering America’s biggest economy

By first focusing its business lending within California, American Credit immediately addresses an underserved sector with $324 billion in market potential. We have combined deep financial data and risk expertise with partnerships including Experian, Plaid, Ocrolus and IBM to create a smarter, more efficient secured business lending platform.

See how we are providing better funding for California small and medium businesses. And find out how it offers opportunities for investors.

Driving growth in business lending

American Credit opens new avenues for lending to businesses. Especially those who have passable, but less-than-prime, credit scores and to whom banks won’t loan. We combine local, personal service with advanced data science and financial expertise to assess risk quickly—and to accurately determine the success of a business and ability to repay.

The result:

Fast funding on fair and transparent terms for businesses who need capital. Plus, new opportunities for investors. See how our business lending platform is set to drive growth in the huge and poorly-served business lending market. And discover how its integration of block chain technology, big data analytics and personal service deliver rigorous risk management. Find out more:

American Credit Investor Customer Voice
American Credit Investor Customer Voice Quote

The loan officer could see how profitable we are. But even with three great years of business our bank won’t look beyond our credit score.

David Lee
Owner, Beautiful Smile Dental

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American Credit: the difference you can trust

You work hard. We work hard. We share the same ethic. That’s why we go the extra mile to look at your situation and see if we can help. Unlike some business credit lenders who focus on FICO scores, we look at your business as a whole.

American Credit Business loans the Difference You can Trust
  • California State Assembly, Small Business Leads California Economic Growth 2019